Sirje Kriisa

I am an artistic bookbinder from Tallinn, Estonia. I have graduated from the Department of Leather Art in the Tallinn Academy of Arts where I also used to teach bookbinding for many years.

Sirje Kriisa at the opening of the Scripta manent V exhibition in Tallinn, Estonia

I have took part in several courses of bookbinding in Estonia as well as abroad. My works have been exhibited at exhibitions in Sweden, France, Italy, Finland, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Switzerland, Iceland, Hungary, United Kingdom, Japan, Belgium, Canada and Australia. While books being my main objects of interest I also design boxes, pictures, clothes and bags of leather.

My creative works can be found in private collections, in the Estonian History Museum and in the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design. I have introduced Estonian leather art in several lectures, courses, workshops and conferences  in Estonia and abroad.

In 1998 - 2015 I worked as artist in the Department of Preservation & Conservation of the National Library of Estonia where I restored and bound thousands of books.

At the moment I work at the Kännukuke Library in Tallinn, Estonia. 

In my spare time I create objects of art and artistic bookbindings for exhibitions and customers. I make classical luxury bookbindings as well as simple bookbindings using various materials and techniques.

I am member of the Estonian Artists' Association and the  Estonian Leatherwork Artists' Union. I am a founding members of the Estonian Association of Designer Bookbinders. 

The non-profit association Estonian Association of Designer Bookbinders has organized the international exhibitions of artistic bookbinding Scripta manent (writing remains) in Tallinn, Estonia in every five years since 1995. For many years I have been the head of the Association and thus one of the main organizers of Scripta manent.  View also: 

Scripta manent 2015 exhibition at the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design in Tallinn, Estonia. Photographer: Teet Malsroos.

Since the 1st exhibition Scripta manent has always been dedicated to introducing Estonian culture to the world. At Scripta manent exhibitions we always follow the set practice that all participating artists bind the same collections of text by different Estonian authors. The Estonian and English language texts give the participants plenty of possibilities to interpret Estonian literature into the form of bookbinding. The 6th Scripta manent will take place in 2020. 

See Kalevipoja-raamat  oli  üks eksponaate XVI Austraalia ja Eesti köitekunstnike aastanäitusel Sydney Teadusraamatukogu kunstigaleriis ja Hobartis Tasmaania saarel 2014. aastal.
The Estonian national epic "Kalevipoeg" bound by Sirje Kriisa